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Aggregates Manager Article

Two GW Systems employees share their expert knowledge and experience in the October 2019 issue of Aggregates Manager magazine. Here is a link to the article:



Lhoist Silo Lift

GW Systems recently placed the first of 12 large silos in its Plant Modernization project located in the southeastern US. The 12 silos, located in an existing lime plant, will store the plants finished product and make it ready for load-out. The first 51 ft tall silo weighing 87,000 lbs. was safely lifted over 60 feet high and set in its final resting place in under 20 minutes. This efficient and successful lift required the careful co-ordination and team effort of all involved. Here is a quick look at the lift.


Tyrone Project Update

GW’s “secondary” aggregate crushing and screening plant project located in Tyrone, Georgia is on schedule and should be ready for startup in approximately 12 weeks. Here is a short 60 second peek at our progress.


LHoist Concrete Pour

Watch our field services group (Liberty Construction Services, LLC) make one of three major foundation pours on one of our projects. This 250 yard pour started at 6 a.m. and took the better part of the day to finish.


Dual Screen Installation

Weighing in at approximately 54,000 lbs. each, these dual screens were safely and efficiently installed in under 2 hours at our project in Georgia. Special thanks to all who helped with the installation of these screens! Here is a short video of the installation. More to come on this project…


Virtual and Actual Merger

As we pointed out in the last video, engineering is the keystone here at GW Systems. In this short video we merge the virtual rendering of a newly designed screening tower with the actual video of the same screening tower under construction.


Virtual Walk Through

Engineering is the keystone here at GW Systems. Our engineering staff is very experienced in process design/layout, structural design and analysis, foundation design, and plant layout. We use the latest technologies in 3-D design, BIM, and structural analysis. The accompanying video shows a virtual walk-thru of a screening tower in an aggregate plant currently under construction. The ability to create realistic renditions of a future plant gives our engineering and construction professionals tools to more efficiently plan, design and construct structures for our customers.

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